Walk With Me

A mixed media book that changes lives.

Our Mission:
To offer prosthetic legs and hope to a world in need.

To ensure all amputees can access the ability to walk, we design low-cost prosthetic legs and develop prosthetic programs to train and empower international communities to help themselves.Ollie Gabriel has partnered with the Hope To Walk organization to deliver prosthetic legs to the world's poorest amputees who can’t afford them. Each book purchase funds a leg for a prosthetic patient in a developing country that Hope to Walk serves.When the patient is ready to be fitted, the Walk With Me book owner will receive a personalized thank you video, from the patient on the day that they are gifted their leg in the clinic.That digital video will be uploaded to the book, and you will be able to witness the joy and gratitude of the person you've helped with the gift of mobility.

The Book

The 10x10 coffee table book features beautiful imagery from the 635-mile walk. Interactive media is attached to the book through QR codes giving you access to Ollie's new music, film clips, storytelling, and much more.In addition to exclusive content only available through the book, Future content from Ollie will be able to be accessed through the book ongoing.This is a unique opportunity to make a real direct tangible impact in the life of someone forever, while also supporting the arts.

The Idea:

Last year Ollie set out to produce a short film, while walking 635 miles across Spain on what’s known as The Camino de Santiago. He hired the help of a talented photographer and filmmaker Max Faublas to accompany him on the journey as a cinematographer.35 days, and 1.1 million steps later what resulted was a short film, an album, and a vision for a coffee table book that would be just as innovative as it is impactful.

Ollie Gabriel

Ollie Gabriel is an award-winning music artist with a passion for using music and storytelling to make a positive impact in the world.---This journey of music and impact started with His debut single, “Running Man” released back in 2016. It was an international radio hit about never giving up and overcoming obstacles. Since then Ollie's music has reached millions globally and has been featured on major networks and ad campaigns."Here come the blessings" is the new single, and a perfect soundtrack for the mission of helping people walk.